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Hello everyone, 👋

We apologize on behalf of the entire team for the downtime over the past few days. When we put the server down for maintenance or whatever you wish to call it, we do not plan for it to be down for several days. The reason for this downtime is various updates, but we want to ensure that things are smooth and running as well as possible for you guys. Sometimes things may break, or work, but have not been fixed or polished to the fullest potential. We decided to go all out and squash the bugs players were facing on a day-to-day basis. Again, we would like to thank you, guys, for your patience, and we appreciate you guys each time you are patient with us. Now, let’s explain what happened during the downtime and what you can expect;
  • Money Moves — We know a lot of people have been still saying there should be ways to make money. Won’t get in too deep with that but will throw a few hints. Sometimes a lot of you guys tend to love to drive a lot for no reason and don’t benefit from driving countless minutes and hours around the server, especially for the new players that come to the server or even new characters. Need some quick cash? (literally) why not pick up a job as a Taxi Driver? You will thank us later for giving you a quick tip with that one.
  • Emotes & Animations — We know a lot of you guys have been tired of the same old animations and we haven’t got any new animations, well worry no more. We’ve added some new emotes to the menu that will loosen you guys up across the server. We are also adding some more emotes over time in the next week or so which will even be worth it.
  • Clothing — Now, this is the part we haven’t touched in so long. We have added some new clothing for both males and females. We haven’t had an update on the clothing in so long but it has become time to add some new clothing as well as some new hairstyles for you guys & ladies to give everyone a new feel with clothing in the server. The last time we had a new clothing update was long, but shoutout to everyone who has dedicated their time to send in their hard work for this clothing update and tried through all the trial and error to make sure that everyone gets something in this update. Designers have been through so many errors and spent a shit load of time to make sure everyone becomes satisfied (new clothing, items, etc.). We hope you guys like it and big thanks & appreciation to the following;


  • Phone — The phone is not a big thing, but we wanted to let you know thanks to the creators, they have released an update to the phone which now resembles a iPhone 14. Tthe new Island feature, once again thanks to Loaf & Breze for trusting us with the beta phase of the phone.!
  • Optimizations — You've probably read this in numerous of our updates, but it's true. A lot of things such as vehicles, clothing, and models were not optimized in the server. We have gone ahead, reduced, and optimized most of the assets in the server. A lot of bugs, errors, and things of that sort were also fixed to make the server experience better for you guys.
  • Bank — We believe that the bank issue is resolved. A lot of people had an issue where they would make a new character, even randomly be in negative money or their bank account would be set to zero. Also, the phone will show the correct amount and proper transactions.

There are more things we can speak about, but we wish for you to figure it out yourself. The changelog speaks for itself, we would also like to thank each one of you for sticking by us through everything as we turn another leaf. There is more stuff coming to the server, but we won't be speaking about that. Again, we appreciate y'all for being a part of us for so long, and let’s continue to be great and move forward. We appreciate and love y'all and let’s have fun!​